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About Us

A Family Affair

In 1959, Wayne Blodgett, an avid user of Zinsser products,

was featured in the April/October issue of American Painter

& Decorator (shown left and below). Mr. Blodgett, now semi-retired,

still uses Zinsser products on all of his jobs. His son, Alan Blodgett of Bloomsbury, NJ, carries on the family tradition and the Zinsser tradition with his own painting and

wallpapering business.

Alan Blodgett has used

just about every Zinsser

product in one way or

another on a variety of

jobs. These include B-I-N

for water stains and

custom cabinets, Cover-

Stain on house exteriors,

1-2-3 on various exterior

surfaces and Shieldz


under wallpaper. One job

he recently completed was

a two-story stairwell

where he had to remove

wallpaper. Using the

PaperTiger® and DIF®,

Blodgett said the wallpaper came off so easily (in whole sheets) that it could almost have been saved and used again. Our hats off to another generation of happy Zinsser customers.

For over thirty years we've been in the business of helping people to beautify and restore their homes.  Every job gets our personal care.  This is a second generation business with a reputation for getting the job done and done well. See the following recreation of an article which appeared in Zinsser's 'Bulls eye Briefs' or  to read the whole

brief visit www.zinsser.com/Newsletter/BEB1996Fall.pdf

Stenciling A Custom Designed  Border over a Ragged Glazed Finish